Online Helpline is open on Wednesdays from 8:00pm-10:00pm. 

Well, usually it is but we are experiencing technological difficulties and won’t be open until those are resolved. We are sorry. We hate when this happens!  In the meantime, if you would like to speak with an advocate, please call 1-800-310-0000.  Visit for a 24/7 chat option.




Welcome to the RRS Helpline. If you are in immediate need or physical danger, the best thing thing to do is call 9-1-1. If you need to speak with an advocate outside Online Helpline hours or speak with an advocate on the telephone, please call 1-800-310-0000. If you are not in immediate need or physical danger and would like to get in touch with us via email, please email us at



When using the Online Helpline, we recommend using a username that has no personal identification (i.e. PaperPlanes rather than your name). When you join the Online Helpline wait a few moments for a RRS helper to privately message you. To read our complete privacy policy, click here. 


Rules for the Online Helpline 1. You will be asked to choose a nickname. You can delete what is written in the white box and type in your own username. Never use your own name. Please try to come up with a unique name that does not expose your identity. For example, instead of using “Alice Smith” using AS11″ would assure a higher quality of privacy. 2. Do not converse with anyone in the RRS Online Helpline other than authorized advocates. Only AdvocateJane, AdvocateJamie, AdvocateTina, or AdvocateKait are authorized advocates for Rape Response Services. RRS cannot monitor other private messages. NOTE : Authorized advocates will have a star next to their name. 3. Use of abusive, offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate language and behavior, or conversing with someone other than an authorized advocate, may result in immediate banning from the RRS Online Helpline. NOTE: When you connect to the Online Helpline, the server will display scrolling text to confirm that a connection has occurred.  If you receive an error, simply reconnect.  Once the text has stopped scrolling, you will join the Online Helpline and an advocate will speak with you shortly.