Elementary School

Hands are Not for Hitting / Words are Not for Hurting:     (Pre-K to K) Using a monkey puppet named Sunny, we read both of these books to the students. The monkey puppet tells a story about climbing up a banana tree to get bananas for himself and his sister, who tries to climb the tree too. The sister gets mad that Sunny is reaching the top before her so she starts hitting or insulting Sunny. This anecdote is used as a reference to help the students process what was read in the book, how to deal with a situation like that, and how to prevent similar situations. The reading is accompanied by a coloring activity, either for immediately after the reading or for reinforcement later with teachers.

My Secret Bully: (K-2) This book is read with a “people” puppet followed by a discussion about teasing and what to do if it happens to you or if you see it happening to someone else, and a coloring activity for immediately after the reading or for reinforcement later with teachers.

Personal Body Safety (Pre-K and K): Our personal body safety program is an age appropriate and interactive puppet show put on with a monkey and a turtle (Sunny and Norton) who talk about the different kinds of touches (good, hurtful, and confusing) and that touches to the private areas are only to keep us clean and healthy, and that your body belongs to you. Sunny and Norton then talk about good touches (like getting hugs from your parent or high fives from a friend), hurtful touches (Sunny talks about his sister hitting him and we ask the class for other examples of hurtful touches), and confusing touches (for example is someone is tickling you, it makes you laugh but maybe you don’t really like it). We conclude with a coloring activity where students are instructed to draw a picture of an adult they trust.

Personal Body Safety (1st – 4th): We have a great puppet show using a carefully designed script to address personal body safety. The puppet show is put on by two Educators using “people” puppets (made by Folkmanis). We begin by having a discussion about personal body safety rules – starting by talking about every day rules we follow to keep our bodies safe, like putting on a seat belt or a helmet. We segue into the importance of keeping our entire body safe with our personal body safety rules (your body belongs to you, touches are supposed to feel good (i.e. not hurtful or confusing), touches in the private areas are to keep us clean and healthy, and there are three kinds of touches: good, hurtful, and confusing). The discussion is age appropriate and not explicit. We then do the puppet show and then have a follow up question-and-answer period.
**Please contact RRS if you would like to see the scripts for the puppet shows.

Internet Safety: (K-12) This presentation focuses on keeping safe in a technologically advanced (and saturated!) world. Students will learn how to protect themselves and their personal information and why it’s important to do so. Students will learn how to respond when being cyber-harassed (or cyberbullied), and why it’s important to report the behavior to a trusted adult and the internet service provider if necessary. Technology changes constantly, and we must be sure to keep up with it! We use an interactive NetSmartz presentation and have different programming for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. We also have a parent presentation we can use with the laptop initiatives and parent nights.