Everyday Actions

 One in five respondents report that they have been the victim of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault during their lifetimes.

— Rubin, Mark. Maine Crime Victimization Report: Informing Public Policy for Safer Communities, Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine, 2011.

Begin By Believing…


  • Begin by believing… that it was not your fault and that you are not alone. Click here to learn more about how RRS is available to support you.


  • Begin by believing… that YOU CAN HELP END SEXUAL VIOLENCE.


What can you do? There are everyday actions

you can take to help end sexual violence.


  • Listen to and believe a friend or loved one who has been sexually assaulted and support them through their healing process.


  • Educate yourself on the issues surrounding sexual violence; learn about the myths and misconceptions.


  • Invite sexual assault prevention educators to come talk with your school, business or organization.


  • Challenge sexist and homophobic language and jokes when you hear them.


  • Create an environment that is safe and comfortable for your children and family to talk about sexual violence.


  • Hold perpetrators accountable for their actions; help reduce victim blaming attitudes.


  • Include men and boys in conversations and activities surrounding sexual violence prevention.


  • Support organizations that provide sexual assault support, advocacy, and prevention services by donating your time or money. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at Rape Response Services by visiting our Volunteer page.  Donate to Rape Response Services through our website by clicking here.


  • Become an educator about sexual violence; speak out to help dispel myths and mis-information about sexual violence.


  • Hang an informational poster about sexual violence in your workplace or school.


  • Post a sexual violence statistic on your facebook, Twitter feed, blog or website.


  • Contact your legislators and ask them to support violence prevention funding and organizations working to end sexual violence.


  • Refuse to support companies that glamorize violence or use objectification of women’s or men’s bodies to sell their products.



To join our community and show your support for ending sexual violence,  

call 1-800-310-0000 or email rrsinfo@penquis.org.